Using RxJS Subjects


RxJS Subjects are one of the favorite types of Observables used by expert developers when dealing with a multi-subscriber or multi-observer implementation.

Subjects in simple terms, function both as an Observable and as an Observer. This gives them the ability to proxy values received from other Observables to its own list of Observers, which it maintains in an array called observers. Continue reading “Using RxJS Subjects”

ReactJS: Functional Stateless Components


Smart programmers are naturally lazy! Why, cause they write code in such a way that, the next time they need a certain chunk of code, they can refer to it, with just a single line of code. Reusability, Reusability, Reusability! ReactJS provides such capability through the use of components.

Prior to React 0.14, components were defined as ES6 classes, as seen below:

class Price extends React.Component {
        return <span>$, {props.price}</span>

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